December 24, 2010 • 3:05 pm

This isn’t evolution, but it’s too amazing not to post.  It’s a movie of an entire rotation of Jupiter, made over several hours by Damian Peach in Barbados.  (Jupiter, huge as it is, rotates on its axis in a bit less than ten Earth hours.)  I found this at Bad Astronomy, where Phil Plait gives the details.  Peach’s website has even more photos and information.

h/t: Matthew Cobb

7 thoughts on “Jupiter!

  1. When I was 11,I got to observe Jupiter through the 36″ refractor at Lick O bservatory.Computer images just dont compare to the romance of looking thru this amazing piece of 19th century tech.Every child should do it

  2. I bought my first scope in October and have been looking at Jupiter almost every night that it’s clear and not too cold. It’s awesome. Highly addictive hobby though…my wife is already starting giving me the look…

    1. Im telling you-go visit Lick on public night before you die.ITS TOTALLY AWESOME.Its this BEAUTIFUL 19 century building.I also saw M31,and Andromeda-AWESOME

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