After the fact

November 26, 2010 • 6:56 am

I couldn’t resist posting this delightful Thanksgiving greeting produced yesterday by Doc Bill and his kitteh “Kink.”  (Click to enlarge.)  Doc is dead certain that Kink is going to win our contest, but the competition is stiff: we have over 30 entries now. Be sure to get yours in before December 1. Even if you’re not one of the three winners, there’s a good chance that your cat will appear here some time in the future. There are too many awesome photos and stories to limit them to three.

7 thoughts on “After the fact

    1. Yes, and although others have posted on it already, I’ll do a brief precis for tomorrow’s Caturday felid.

      Nice cover!

  1. I would enter, because I really would love to win that book, but alas!, we are a dog family. At 85lbs and with the distinct shepherd pose, I fear a biologist would be quick to spot my con.

  2. Doc Bill–wonderful shot! Hope Kink enjoyed his Brussel sprout…and wasn’t too demanding with the sommelier…

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