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  1. The first is Allah’s painting of one of the Five Pillars of Islam. Or perhaps it is the column of the sort of mushroom cloud made famous by the photos of the testing of thermonuclear fusion weapons.

    1. Any place the Spanish or Portuguese were, so too the Inquisition.

      Goa, Mexico, south and central America, not so much the Philippines but that was more a logistical barrier rather than from want of trying.

  2. The Inquisition a European phenomenon? No, a Christian one, and it still exists, and it’s world wide. They just call it by a different name. Today the Holy Office of the Inquisition is called the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.

    And, remember, it was this Congregation that kept the secrets about abused children. To tortures and torments may be different, but they’re very real. I hope, Jerry, you will put up the pictures of the instruments of torture, even if they are something of a downer.

    The church still tortures people. It’s done differently now, whether forcing women to go through with pregnancy no matter what, no matter what their suffering, not even if they should die, or reducing broken children to silence: the contemporary church at work in the world.

    Church’s are centres of power, and as Acton remarked, pertinently, since he was writing about the doctrine of infallibility of the pope (with which he was not in agreement), power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Church power is absolute, because it is unbending and it prescribes for eternity. There are good reasons why the pope is an evil man. He has to be just as evil as the god he worships, for he (thinks that he) shares in god’s power.

    Of course, this goes for all religion. Religions are evil, because they prescribe absolutely, almost always, since they believe they know the will of god. They’re doubly wrong. There is no god, and even if there were, they could not know its will.

    1. 2nd para: “To tortures” should be “The tortures”

      4th para: “Church’s are centres of power” should be “Churches are centres of power.”


  3. The Museo Naval is near by. go there and get a little History connected to the Colonies (US) of 1740 and the naming of Mount Vernon by Lawrence Washington, George’s half brother.

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