Yet another lunch

November 16, 2010 • 9:34 am

Urged on by my Colombian student Daniel, I visited the famous Bogotá snack shop La Puerta Falsa, where, he said, the tamales were “awesome.”  It’s a tiny shop in the La Candelaria district, and has been open since 1816! The storefront displays a tempting array of candies:

Temporarily ignoring the sweetmeats, I made myself at home at the tiny counter and ordered a Colombian tamale and a chocolate completa.  The tamale is a sticky mass of rice, chicken, and veggies cooked inside a banana leaf. (The Chinese have a similar rice-and-meat combination steamed inside a taro leaf.)  And it is indeed awesome.

I had the chocolate for dessert.  Colombian chocolate is often served with cheese, which I guess some folks actually put into the chocolate to melt. I preferred it on the side, with buttered bread and a bun.  It was luscious, not goopy thick like Mexican hot chocolate but rich and spicy:

Total bill for this belly-busting meal: about $5.  And for another dollar I picked up two of those candies—a peanut praline and a coconut disk.  Each was about four inches across:

If you find yourself of good appetite in Bogotá, get yourself to La Puerta Falsa.

6 thoughts on “Yet another lunch

  1. Unvarnished unadulterated bragging. So jealous! Your Colombian trip has been food porn! Anyway, I’d love to try one of those tamales.

    This next is probably too pedantic, but: the Chinese tamal (zongzi 粽子) is typically wrapped in bamboo leaves. I’ve never known it to be wrapped in taro leaves, though of course, I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that some regional variant in China prefers it that way.

  2. Just in case you mind, professor. The singular form for “tamales” is “tamal”. Not a big deal at all, it just sounds funny.

  3. let me say to you that cheese on the chocolate is pretty good! and it is even better on hot agua-panela (you should try it!)

  4. Heartfelt sympathies to your waist! You can get a button with an elasticated loop to allow your trousers (pants) to stay up & let the waist expand. So noble of you to travel to exotic locations & gorgeous eat food so we can experience it at second hand! 😉

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