Un bocado

November 15, 2010 • 3:44 pm

Yesterday we visited the Paloquemao market in Bogotá: a huge arena for all things foody and flowery. I took many pictures, especially of the tropical fruits, and will post them soon.

Today, though, in keeping with my daily food post, I want to highlight perhaps the best snack I’ve had in this country—and I’ve had quite a few in my limited time here.

While browsing the market, I noticed a stall that was quite busy, even at 9 a.m. I also knew that “lechon” was Spanish for “suckling pig.”  This merited investigation. (Click pictures to enlarge.)

Inside the stall, prone on a slab, was one huge roasted pig, not a suckling.  Between its crispy golden skin and succulent flesh was a layer of rice (with some peas) that had been roasted with the pig:

The crowd was getting variously sized portions of the porker and rice, snipped from the beast with a pair of scissors. Some had big plates, some small, and others had portions wrapped and steamed in banana leaves:

Natually, I had to have some. For the equivalent of $2 I got a small but filling portion, complete with a piece of crispy skin (the best part, of course), and an arepa, the Colombian tortilla.  I must say that this is one of the best street foods I’ve had in any land.

What a great breakfast! If Anthony Bourdain hasn’t eaten here, he should.

15 thoughts on “Un bocado

  1. Funny you should mention Anthony Bourdain. Besides resembling him somewhat, I was thinking that you and he must have the metabolisms of hummingbirds.

  2. I am glad you are enjoying the food, Dr Coyne.
    But you are of Jewish descent. Don’t you fear you may get smitten for violating the divine commandment against eating pork?

        1. Interestingly, the word lord in Old English was hláfweard, literally ‘loaf ward’, as the lord was the head of the household & distributor of bread. Though wild boar would have been high up on the menu as well of course.

          Looks scrummy!

  3. Charles Lamb would be greatly impressed!

    I wonder how long it takes to cook such a pig? Looks like it might be a two-day operation, at least.

  4. I haven’t had such a roast pig in almost 20 years; I need to travel to such places again, even if it isn’t good for the vascular system.

  5. I am glad you are enjoying Colombia. I have been reading you for a while, and I appreciate that you write these articles of my country.

    And let me tell you that you take the best lechona pictures; you made me hungry!

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