November 14, 2010 • 6:48 pm

A light lunch for four at Zipaquirá, home of Colombia’s famous “salt cathedral.”

The dish is picada, which, loosely translated, means “Gimme de meat.” I estimate that there are at least five pounds of steak, pork, and sausage here, as well as copious amounts of plantain, potato, yuca, and stuffed corncake.  The beverage is refajo, a mixture of beer and soda pop, which sounds dicey but is actually pretty good.

Although we were famished from our tour of the salt cathedral, we managed to polish off only half of this dish; the remainder went to our host’s familia.

13 thoughts on “Almuerzo!

  1. Stop that! Your pics have distracted me with food-lust for the past few days. Enough! I made the Colombian beans today (cooked with a bit of shredded pork and bacon), and ate them with rice, sour cream, and avocado.

  2. Beer and soft-drink? Isn’t that a shandy? Picada, if my Spanish serves, that’s the feminine past participle of picar (to sting/bite/be spicy) so, comida picada would be something like spicy meal? Mmmmm picante. Or not…

    Are you sure you’re not getting kick backs from the Columbian tourist board?

  3. Sorry Paul, real Colombian beans do not go well with sour cream.
    Yes Brian, some kind of shandy, a very particular kind of Shandy, indeed. JAC did not mention that the soda in the mix is called “Colombiana”, as you can guess, unique from Colombia. On the other hand, this “picada” comes from the verb “picar” (to chop), and not from to sting (which is also picar as you pointed).
    J, no particular sauce, but some kind of aji (=hot sauce) or chimichurri is very good.

    1. My wife (reading over my shoulder): Why IS evolution true?

      Me: It just is. You just have to believe!

      (Lots of laughter — WEIT is packed full of evidence supporting the TOE)

  4. Ugh. I think I’d repressed my traumatic memories of Colombian beer-and-soda concoctions.

    Aaargh! It’s all coming back to me now! Cola y Pola?!!? Nooooo!!!

    I love those deep-fried doughnuts with the runny cheese centres, though. They grow up to a foot long in some places.

  5. Geez, it seems I open one of your food posts at precisely the time when I am feeling most hungry. Somebody, anybody, please develop some way these tasty morsels can be distributed via email!

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