6 thoughts on “Caturday felid: Lilou gets a railcard

  1. Note the position of her tail when she is being stroked, she is probably in heat. Which explains the penchant for travel.

  2. “Beg your parding, Mrs. Harding,
    Is our kitting in your garding,
    Eating of a mutting bone?”
    “No, he’s gone to Londing.”
    “How many miles to Londing?”
    “Eleving.” “Eleving? I thought it was only seving. Heavings! What a long way from home!”

    An old English music hall song, Anthony Burgess wrote how he was charmed by its phonetics. Any Irish cats on the road in folklore?

  3. Lucky kitty indeed. perhaps pet owners could write down a contact number on pets’ collars…might go a long way too 🙂

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