Update: Polly the miracle cat

September 26, 2010 • 12:15 pm

Remember Polly, the kitten with “cat” written in her fur? (Go have a look if you haven’t seen her.)  Polly’s owners have just posted on the thread to assure us that “cat” indeed appears in her natural fur: no Photoshopping involved.

I’m just waiting for some hyper-skeptic to claim that the post is bogus.  (I have the email address, by the way.)

14 thoughts on “Update: Polly the miracle cat

  1. Reminds me of that Mitchell and Webb skit about the watermelon with “There is no God” spelled out with the seeds inside.

  2. Clearly, there’s only one way to resolve the matter.

    You (or, at least, one of the regulars here) must make a pilgrimage to visit Polly, and bring back photographic (and preferably videographic) evidence.

    I know, I know, it’s a great undertaking, especially when one considers how much time will be spent waving around bits of string and rubbing her belly. But this is hugely significant scientific research, and such sacrifices are of vital importance to the advancement of knowledge.

    Perhaps Polly’s servants could be persuaded to indicate which major educational institution they’re closest to, and we can then arrange a private meeting with whoever happens to be closest?

    I’m not far from Arizona State University, myself.



  3. Well, surely, if there is no photoshopping involved, that this is simply a confirmation of what the Egyptians long ago believed, and it must be a warning to us to believe the same: namely, that cats are sacred, and should be worshipped. We’ll have to do a bit of research on the liturgy and protocols, but once in place, we should get down to simple obedience. It’s as convincing as pizza, bagel or ivy Christs. And just think, all those churches dedicated to dead Christs can be rededicated to living cats! In fact, every church can have a living icon of the real thing — except, of course, it can’t be like the miracle cat, which is an image of the invisible cat in the heavens. Obviously a message from the Sacred Cat him/herself! Great!

    1. Yes as I’ve pointed out before but will you shrill atheists listen ? This is all down to Bastet. I did wonder why she hadn’t done it in hieroglyphics but there are some things we aren’t meant to know.

  4. Gives a whole new meaning to “Doctrine of Signatures.”

    BTW, I have a goat with a demented bat image on her side. Really.

  5. “I’m just waiting for some hyper-skeptic to claim that the post is bogus. ”

    Why can’t it be just a run-of-the-mill skeptic?

    (Note: I believe there was no photographic trickery; I’m just trying to make a point.)

  6. Good morning from Merrie England cat-people.
    Our nearest place of learning, other than a high school and a special school around the corner, is Keele University, just a couple of miles up the road.

    Perhaps we could take Polly up to the Animal Research Dept to be ‘authenticated’. What do you think?

    Love and Peas,
    Garry and Joan Marsh

    1. England? Um…isn’t that, like…halfway around the world?

      Okay, don’t panic. We can still make this work. Anybody know where I can get a grant to cover travel funds to England?

      Garry and Joan, before taking Polly to Keele, be sure to first visit their facilities for evaluation purposes. Do they render sufficient quantities of belly-rubbing to their masters? Are there adequate numbers of colorful mouse-sized inanimate objects being suitably animated by the servants? What’s their inventory of yarn look like?



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