Hang tough, P.Z.

August 24, 2010 • 6:36 am

As most of you know, P. Z., the godfather of science bloggers, goes under the knife today.  Things are so dire that his wife is sending him pictures of cute puppies!  That won’t do, since we know that what really helps with heart problems are intercessory kittehs.

Get well, old man.


Update:  P.Z., we’re thINKing of you:

(cartoon from Offthemark.com)

24 thoughts on “Hang tough, P.Z.

  1. Sigh. Poor guy. Not only is he going under the knife, but his wife and ‘so-called’ friends are torturing him with puppies and kittens.

    He needs squid and octopi. Preferably one who hangs out with the Elder Gods.

  2. If he makes it past the pericardial effusion and the hospital food, he should be fine.

    I heard they’re going to use a tentacle to bypass the left main coronary artery.

  3. I don’t like to disagree, Jerry, but what PZ needs now more than ever is cephalopods, the more the merrier.

      1. Hahaha – just ignore all these nay-sayers. PZ is, as we all know, A Dick, and opposition and provocation are health to Dicks, therefore giving him what he likes will not invigorate but produce more of what he has been steadily complaining of, which is excruciating boredom. Kittehs on the other hand will irritate the bejesus out of him, and that will be healthful and good.

  4. I knew that you had to say that!…:)
    But do remember that while Maru won the popularity contest, teh Ceiling Cat will be there during the operation, too:


    Not to speak anything about its most cosmic persona (and I leave further explorations of the interrelations of various LOL kittehs to tehologians!),
    teh Celestial Cat. Isn´t that kitteh impressive!?


  5. Best wishes for PZ.
    And a word for Dr Coyne:
    You need to work twice as hard now. Someone needs to pick up the slack while PZ is gone.

    1. Yes, he should be twice as dickish… Maybe quietly express an opinion that, oh, religion and science are not compatible which is right up there with baby-killing and giving women the right to vote…

    1. I saw that too. What is it: does the woman hate cats, other humans or her own life? After all, persons who have lost hope in their own lives often try to deprive it from those who still seem to have it. Happy-looking cats serve fine in that capacity, I guess.

  6. You know what will really send him through the roof is the heart shape made by the kittehs black spots. The cuteness, it burns!

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