6 thoughts on “RIP Daniel Schorr

  1. “Schorr, a high-profile reporter who covered Watergate and landed on President Nixon’s ‘enemies list,’ was known as much for his cantankerous relationships with colleagues as he was for his dogged reporting and sober commentary.”

  2. Consider Schorr, Severeid, Cronkite, Huntley, Brinkley, and other I ought to name – could they in their primes be hired today by a media – and a Philistine American public – obsessed with “infotainment”?!? They’re bound and determined to entertain me with tripe whether I want it or not. With Schorr and these others, I could count on being informed, and as often as not enlightened. I refuse to go quietly into that infotainment night.

  3. Not sure, but he may be the last of the well-known journalists to have worked with Edwin R. Murrow. Truly marks the end of an era.

    1. Or Edward R. Murrow, even. The end of the era of “reporters whose proper names people cannot remember yet cite as if they actually knew who they were”, apparently.

  4. He was an honest, decent liberal, and, incidently, a friend of my father, who was a liberal newspaper columnist in West Virginia.
    Dan often said he was most proud having been on Richard Nixon’s “Enemies List.” I think my father’s greatest disappointment (besides me) was not making the list. He tried.
    Dan will be long remembered and much missed.

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