Caturday felids: Japanese blogging cats

July 17, 2010 • 5:18 am

The Japanese love their kittehs (it is, after all, the land of Hello Kitty),  and this week we feature two cats who have their own blogs.

First up is Maru (English blurb here), who is, as Wikipedia describes, “a plump Scottish Fold cat in Japan. . . who has particular penchant for charging and diving head first into cardboard boxes.”  Maru is quite famous and appears widely on the internet. A number of YouTube videos feature his famous dives, e.g.:

Now I don’t read Japanese, so I don’t know the backstory, but one blogger seems to specialize in photographs of his/her cat with stuff on its head.  Granted, it’s a lovely apple-headed tomcat, resembling the famous maneki neko, but still . . .

We can has translation plz?

13 thoughts on “Caturday felids: Japanese blogging cats

  1. Working teh LOL blogs:
    The Grapes of Cath
    (and Apples and Cucumbers and Mushrooms and …)

  2. That is either one very patient and cooperative kitteh, or there’s a whole lotta shoppin’ goin’ on. My Russell (named for Bertrand) would be almost that cooperative when he’s sleepy and mellow, but: how does he balance that eggplant?

  3. The Google translation says that the second is the “Basket Cat Blog”.

    The book for sale (it’s the third Basket Cat book, and it comes with a DVD) links to an Amazon page, and the Google translation of the description is this:

    Product Description
    Contents Introduction
    “Cat basket” full of nature and included 100 minutes. “Cat basket” a new type of healing into a DVD with footage of the unwind. DVD is now transmitted through the photo to “cat car” movement is cute, unique and beautiful natural countryside images, and directed the recording world in front of me like that. Also published a collection of botanical photographs, only without the cat will show you beautiful pictures.
    Content (“BOOK” from the database)
    “Cat basket” with a DVD containing footage of Healing BOOK. “Cat Basket” cuteness of movement, full of unique natural beauty of the countryside images. The DVD, “cat basket” and nature footage and images, video contains the blog.

  4. The aubergine is pretty impressive.

    Ben Goldacre linked a deconstruction of the Maru videos as modern art ages ago.

  5. I have to agree with eamon … “there’s a whole lot of shoppin’ goin’ on.” That pyramid of three green blobs—what are they limes? How is that staying up? And what happened to his ears when he’s wearing the cabbage leaf?

    If your interested in a much more realistic window into kittehs’ lives see my partner’s blog … and they don’t look silly.

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