WEIT makes longlist for Royal Society Prize for Science Books

June 16, 2010 • 12:33 pm

Until now I wasn’t aware that this prize existed, but WEIT has made the longlist of 12 finalists, which will be pruned to an unspecified number on August 24 with the winner announced Oct. 21.  It’s £10,000: not a Templetonian sum, but certainly nothing to sniff at.

Stiff competition, including my old pal Steve Jones, who won in 1994.

18 thoughts on “WEIT makes longlist for Royal Society Prize for Science Books

  1. You actually wrote a book? What is it called? Is it available in the shops yet? Which section should I look for it? Is it in the religion section?

    Now that I’ve written that, I have your book (2 copies in fact, one hardcover, one Kindle).

    It looks like tough competition. I also thought Nick Lane’s book was very good.

    The good thing, is that the list has added more books to my list of books to read (actually, it’s BAD-so many books, so little time …) I have my time cut out for me rereading your book and the ones I can read in eBook form.

  2. I have the Audiobook version of WEIT and very good it is too – although I have to confess that I burst out laughing whenever there is a quote from Darwin. The Ammerican guy that reads the book tries to do a ‘Darwin’ accent which, unfortunately, comes off sounding like a character from one of the ‘Carry-on’ movies.
    “There is grandeur in this view of life – Matron!”

  3. Way cool, and indeed a little corona is in order. Here’s wishing you a Churchill down the road!

    Good that some of the judges sound like just the sort of people WEIT was aimed at.

  4. I’ve read half the 12: WEIT, Why does e=mc2, In Search.., Everyday Practice.., Darwin’s Island, and Complexity. Some of the others (Darwins Island) are good, but WEIT is head and shoulders. Go for it.

  5. My only question is, How on earth did Maggie Philbin get to be Chair of Judges?

    I reckon it’s between You and Brian Cox, mind you I have been wrong before.

  6. Good luck for the final prize. Your book was the best of the 12 that I read. Of course, it was the only one of the 12 that I read, but I am sure it was the best of them all.

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