19 thoughts on “I iz in ur interwebz, drawin ur profut

  1. Is there such thing as a virgin cat ? I am aware some mammals apart from humans do have hymens… not sure about felines tho.

    Jerry. You iz a biologist and a cat person, you noz teh answa ? ūüôā

    1. As far as I can see from some cursory internet trawling, some nonhuman mammals do have hymens, but those apparently do not include cats.

      You can, however, find a Cat Hymen on Facebook. . .

    1. Umm. . . if you want posts about that research, it’s not a good strategy to insult cat cartoons!

      I’ll probably post something about it, but almost certainly not just a description of the research, since that’s been amply covered by others. The reaction of people is pretty interesting, though!

      1. It was exactly the reaction that I thought was interesting. (And as a cat person myself, all making fun of cartoons is all in fun.)

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