Creationists finally explain extinction

February 21, 2010 • 8:28 am

It was an intelligent recall.

“From time to time God reviews his creations (products), and he may decide to recall some of them after the review, which causes that particular creation (species) to go extinct. It’s tough, but it’s God’s will.” declared leading creationist Rich Hawkins, hoping that the theory will put an end to all kinds of speculations going on over dinosaur extinction.

h/t: erv

20 thoughts on “Creationists finally explain extinction

  1. Wow! The equivalent would be Toyota detecting a manufacturing flaw in the accelerator linkage, recalling every vehicle made since 1995, and then scrapping them.

    Anyway, I can’t decide if the article is a piece of serious reportage or a satire.

  2. You do realize this is a satirical news site, like America’s The Onion? The website name should give it away (Fake News).

    That why we get a Richard Hawkins making the pronouncements.

  3. What a pity it’s satire. If only the creationists would embrace the idea of imperfect creation… it would be the first step to understanding natural selection.

  4. Oh noes! I’ve ‘seen’ the light, and it was all IR!

    But, too bad ideas aren’t subject to “intelligent recall”.

  5. Scary how accurate it seemed though. Sigh – I’ll be a bit more sympathetic to the journalists who keep reporting articles from ‘The Onion’ as truth from now on.

  6. If God is omniscient, why the heck would he need a review period? Shouldn’t he know from the get-go? Silly theists can’t even keep their own psuedo-logic straight.

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