January 4, 2010 • 10:52 am

o.k., I have some spanking new paperback copies of WEIT, which means a contest.  For an autographed copy of the paperback, answer this simple question:

What is the name of Steven Pinker’s teddy bear?

Rules:  two guesses per person. Given the answer, wild guesses will not be profitable.  The answer can’t be found online, but is available with the proper sleuthing.

Contest closes Jan. 18, when I come back from the Galápagos.

Update: it’s not “Mohamed” or a variant of that.  You think I’d make it that easy?

22 thoughts on “Contest!

  1. If all we had to do was google ‘pinker bear’ for the Muhammad page, I don’t think that would qualify as ‘not available online’. I’m not going for it.

  2. “Muhammad” is my first guess.

    That may be too easy since all I did was google, “Pinker Teddy Bear.”
    Looks like this may be a trick question.

    “Jerry” is my second guess.

  3. 1st Guess: Wilfred

    I don’t need a second guess because I know this is right. I remember Jerry mentioning this during the first WEIT bear contest and dug up the post.

    1. Bingo. This was too easy–I forgot I’d given the answer before! Send me an email with name and address, and book will be on the way.

      1. The second person gets a copy also, Ophelia, for $27.95 or $31.00 Canadian, plus shipping 🙂

        Or the new paperback copy for $10.80 at amazon (I prefer my non-paperback edition).

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