12 thoughts on “Jesus and Mo on tolerance

  1. Jesus & Mo have been so very relevant lately. The artist apparently is up to date on this blog as well as PZ’s and others.

    “crowd” from Dec. 8, “plank” from Dec. 4 and “mind” from Dec. 1 are all terrific.

  2. The terrible thing is that these pursuits still needs mocking.

    Especially as I get the feeling I’m at the bad end of a bad joke. :-/

    Besides the mocking, and J&M need for clinging to labeling stereotypes, what’s wrong with “modern atheists” or “ardent atheists” as opposed to the erroneous “new”?

    It would cover and slightly destroy the “already the Greeks” joke, but that is an unfortunate loss I’m willing to take. Embracing the “atheist” label for parsimonious realism is enough “go with the gay” reversion for me. I’m not sure about repeating it with the “new” label. 😀

  3. You sure it’s Robert Wright? It also sounds like that Stephen Prothero piece in USA today – religion and atheism are both ‘perspectives’ and all we all want is mutual tolerance.

    1. They all start to sound the same after a while. It’s your fault American science standards are going down. It’s your fault Islamic extremists want to kill us. If only those damn ‘new’ atheists weren’t so agressive.

  4. They all start to sound the same right away, because they just read each other and then go write the exact same thing all over again. Wright says it Monday, Prothero says it Tuesday, Sullivan says it Wednesday, and so the week rolls by.

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