38 thoughts on “How genetics works

  1. Could be that the alleles for vertical bars(or not) and horizontal bars(or not) occupy different loci Zen Faulkes?

    So if they’re heterozygous and had the Totally Overdone 4 kids that all fit nicely into their slots they might have this kid with a crosshatching of sorts, another kid with just verticals, one with horizontals and one with a white shirt?

    Someone should write to these parents and tell them to get cracking on making another 3 babies, wouldn’t want their fashion to send the wrong message eh? 😛

  2. I learn something new every day. I expected diagonal stripes in alternating colors of mauve and chartreuse.

    1. Oh…I didn’t see that you answered the question before I did. Yep, pretty standard. For the teacher who plans on using this, they should be sure they know this feature crosses.

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