November 9, 2009 • 12:08 pm

Over at The Flying Trilobite, Glendon Mellow posts five portraits of scientists/evolutionists, including Genie Scott, Richard Dawkins, Jane Goodall,  Craig Venter et moi.  This was a task for his drawing course:

This is the series Lights I began for my drawing course at York. Our project was to draw between 5 and 30 heads. The idea and compositions I set for myself are fairly simple. Draw portraits of living biologists, each with a light source on their heads, and incorporating a double helix form.

I like the fly, and am flattered by the idea to do my portrait (my first, I think), but wish I didn’t look so australopithecine (note: not the artist’s fault!)


My favorite is the joint Venter/Dawkins portrait:


Check out Glendon’s evolution-themed gallery, especially “Haldane’s Precambrian Puzzle.”

All artwork copyrighted by Glendon Mellow.

8 thoughts on “Portraits

  1. Actually, I think the artist was quite generous to Jerry. Makes him look like he’s in his 20s or 30s, which I guess is more accurate, as the botfly thing happened a long time ago.

    The Venter (or is it Obadiah Stane?) portrait inspired me to finally do this montage:


    Was Venter an inspiration for the casting of Obadiah Stane in the 2008 production of Ironman?

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