Caturday felid: the philosophical cat

November 7, 2009 • 8:11 am

by Greg Mayer

Peyton is a WEIT blog regular, who last appeared here in a post by Jerry. This is a picture of her taken by Jerry while visiting me in September. I put up a copy of this photo recently in Jerry’s lab, joining an illustrious group of cats that grace the wall outside his fly room.

Peyton by Jerry
Peyton, the philosophical cat.

8 thoughts on “Caturday felid: the philosophical cat

  1. Uh oh. You are in Jerry’s lab while he is overseas. I’m gonna tell on you!

    (fill me in – how DOES he create those new species there in the lab? Electrodes and cemetery body parts? Does he use distilled water or lake water? Inquiring minds want to know.)

  2. I think I may have a cattery reject who walked into my home yesterday and has decided to stay despite one large dog and a couple of rather miffed felines.

    This stranger looks a lot like Peyton, only his ears are curled back! –This is something I’d never seen before. I did some internet research and he appears to be an “American Curl” which is a rather recent anomaly that spreads in an autosomal fashion and is now a recognized breed.

    This cat is an intact male, and any catting around he does is likely to make his paternity obvious. He has no collar, but he is way too friendly to have been feral. (Fortunately, he doesn’t seem to spray in the house, and my cats are fixed.)

    In any case, he’s a very spunky dude, and he makes me giggle with his funny ears (they look like teddy bear ears from the front.) He seems to have moved in, and I shall have to post a picture so you could see what Peyton might look like with curled back ears. I’m not sure this stranger is a “philosophical feline”, but he does appear to be “fearless feline”. He’s inordinately bold and utterly sure that he belongs wherever he happens to be.

  3. The cats here are a highlight of this blog. My wife and I decided not to adopt any when we moved to the UK, but we are in love with the neighbourhood’s cats (except when they hunt in our garden, because we’re crazy about the birds, too).

    So, thanks for the cat pics.

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