In Guatemala

October 8, 2009 • 12:46 pm

A brief post from Santa Cruz on Lake Atitlan, where I’m installed in a backpacker’s hotel on this most beautiful lake.  I have seen my quetzal (a juvenile male flying) and have been embraced (four limbs and a tail) by a spider monkey.  Despite the deforestation, Guatemala remains a gorgeous country and a traveller’s paradise.

I see that the blog kerfuffle about Dawkins continues, and that the Unholy Trio continue their furious backpedaling, even trying to make blog hay from their mistake.  Here, far from the madding crowd, it seems laughable and a bit pathetic.

Thanks to Matthew and Greg for their guest hosting. I’ll return to the fray about October 18.

14 thoughts on “In Guatemala

      1. I notice that Kwok and McCarthy are now in full rapid-fire comment mode on Josh’s blog. Based on prior experience, that’s a pretty reliable indicator of a blogger (or bloggers) having lost it.

  1. You’ve seen a quetzal already? You lucky bastard!

    (OK, I don’t know you well enough to insult you, but I’m still jealous.)

    Have fun down there.

    One of the most interesting animals I’ve seen in nearby countries (Panama, Costa Rica) are the leafcutter ants. Always “beavering” away.

  2. Josh had two points in that rather rambling response to Jerry that I wholeheartedly agree with:

    1.) “I’ve never been clear what “accommodationist” means, it seems to adapt itself in perfect Calvinball style to suit whatever enemy someone might have.” Beautiful. That’s exactly what Jerry and friends do – shift the definition around to fit the opponent of the hour.

    2.) “I think that intentionally vague definitions do a lot of the work in this debate.”

    Oh yes, #2 is very much true. Both sides pose vague definitions, wait for a retort, and demonize the other side while redefining the term for themselves in light of the opposition’s context. It’s wonderful, wonderful stupidity. And both 1 and 2 make for the illusion that oen is NEVER wrong.

    1. Where has Jerry, for example, redifined ‘compatibility’ or ‘accommodationist’?

      And which parts exactly of his definitions, e.g. in this post, do you find wanting?

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