54 thoughts on “Da Bear, clue #2

  1. Sarnie?

    (At this point I would like to apologise if my posts seem like spamming but I assure you there is reasoning behind every one. And I really want that book!)

  2. Marmalade has to be the winner. I’m just surprised it wasn’t Reuben or Earl.

    Anyway, I’ll guess:


  3. Dammit, it should be Paddington bear, who always had his signature marmalade sandwich, but Jerry was born (1949), according to wikipedia, and Paddington first appeared in (1958). Also Alex already said Paddington.

  4. It’s gotta be ‘Ham’, or ‘Hammy’. What better example of high cuisine than a good old British Rail ham sandwich!


  5. Hercules after the ship that transported migrants from Britain to America in 1634?

    Or are we all thinking about this too deeply?

  6. Since someone guessed my new guess (Marmite)…

    …I will guess something close in name, and also furry:

  7. Hey people! Read what others guessed before you say the same one for the eighth time.

    Kent, Earl, Paddington, etc. were already guessed several times each.

  8. There is a Victoria Sponge Cake, also called a victoria sandwich. So assuming it’s a male bear, Victor? Or obviously victoria if it’s female.

  9. Would he name a bear “Island”? Both Britain and the Sandwich Islands. My mother is from Thornhill, on Bantry Bay if far west Cork. Looking out from the ancestral home is Bere Island.

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