40 thoughts on “Clue #1

  1. Yeah, it’s Reuben. Damn it. Or else:


    The timing’s right. But that would make a better name for a dog than a bear.

  2. Oh damn!


    has a song called “Teddy Bear”! I forgot about that one. And it came out in 1957! I bet I’m the winner!

  3. Charles in charge, Teddy bear song was 8 years after Jerry was born. I’m sure rueben is the winner.

  4. Damn, you’re right. I thought Jerry was born in 1959. Looking good, Jerry.

    Yeah. My money’s on Reuben or Earl.

  5. Marmalade? As in Paddington Bear(?) whose fav food was marmalade sandwiches. No, hold on, PB was an English creation of the 70s, wasn’t he?


  6. There’s also a sandwich style known as the Elvis sandwich.

    But if you’re absolutely sure teddy’s not called Tiktaalik, then I’m going to go with Fluffernutter.

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