WEIT reviewed in The Bookbag

February 25, 2009 • 8:42 am

The Bookbag is a newish but (I think) fairly popular book-review site in the UK. It just reviewed WEIT and (to my delight) gave it a great review and five stars out of five. An excerpt:

The main gist is in fact remarkably similar (if very much developed in detail) to the evidence of evolution I learned at school twenty-five years ago. What makes Why Evolution Is True an instant classic is Jerry Coyne’s supremely lucid, graceful presentation and the fluency of argument informed by the variety of sources form Darwin himself to the cutting edge of modern research.

Coyne’s delivery is elegant but by no means a dry lecture: passionate and erudite, he maintains just the right balance between academic and accessible. He never talks down to his readers, but explains clearly pretty much anything that goes beyond the very basics of biology. . ..

This book should not be needed, and yet it seems necessary. It will not persuade the hard-line creationists, because creationism, as Coyne repeatedly (and rightly) states, is a matter of belief, not science. For those who are uncertain, or for whom the support of evolution theory is more a question of general ‘it makes sense’ acceptance, for those looking for arguments to enlighten the unconvinced and argue with the opposition, Jerry Coyne’s book is indispensable.

I get to brag here because it’s my blog!

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  1. A well-deserved review and I concur with it entirely. Many thanks for your recent recommendation of Janet Browne on Darwin. I’ve begun the second volume this morning and am captivated both by what I have read and what I am reading.

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