A post from a Polish cat

February 15, 2009 • 7:19 am

An alert felid reader has written in from Poland:

“I am writing to add a picture of myself to your collection of other inferior cat pictures. In this view of myself I am relaxing on a rail in a house I share with some human servants. One of my people is a translator from English to Polish (when she is not attending to my needs) and would very much like to translate your article “Seeing and Believing”, but I’ve heard her say that she hasn’t had an answer to her request for permission to translate it (although Richard Dawkins and Stephen Pinker and various others are always giving her permission to translate their work and put it on the Polish website Racjonalista).

I think it bothers her. Yesterday I had to remind her to do the thing with the can opener. I hope you will give her whatever permission it is, because I always like my staff to be happy. (It results in more fish for me. In no time it becomes inner fish.)”

Miaouw. Pia

2006-01-16-004 Me!!

Please tell your owner that, in all the brouhaha about Darwin Day, I forgot about this request, and that of course that she has my permission to translate the article into Polish.

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  1. As this is a new blog, I don’t know how familiar you are with the Internet, but I thought I’d pop in to say that you may want to refrain from posting full email addresses in public places. Unless, of course, you want the spambots to pick them up, in which case you can go right ahead.

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