Caturday mustelid

March 28, 2009 • 10:02 am

Not to worry, a felid is coming, but for those of us who love animal schmalz, this video of “otters holding hands” is a must-see.  I dedicate it to the inamorata (you know who you are!):

Oh, and on matters otterine, one of the best nature-related books I’ve ever read is Ring of Bright Water, by Gavin Maxwell.  Maxwell had a fantastic life as a world traveller, naturalist, and writer, and I think this is his best book.  It simply recounts his years at Sandaig, a remote cottage on the west coast of Scotland, his relations with the local wildlife, and especially his friendship with several pet otters.  The writing is ineffably beautiful: some of the finest prose I’ve seen in any book about humans and their relationship to nature. Highly recommended.


This biography, by Douglas Botting, is also superb