October 21, 2016 • 10:07 am

by Greg Mayer

Jerry will be posting more CoyneFest pix, but in the meantime here’s a group picture of some of the CoyneFest-ers taken at the Log Castle which was the locus of dinner and festivities on the second day of the symposium.

CoyneFest group photo

The CoyneFesters are: standing on the hearth (tallest): Jerry Coyne, P.C.C. (University of Chicago); standing, left to right: Andrew Berry (Harvard University), Amanda Mehring (Western University, Ontario), Briana Mittleman (University of Chicago), Mohammed Noor (Duke University), Katharine Korunes (Duke University), Bruce Grant (College of William and Mary), Cathy Grant (College of William and Mary), Brian Charlesworth (University of Edinburgh), Nick Barton (IST Austria), Soojin Yi (Georgia Tech), Mike Turelli (University of California, Davis), Manyuan Long (University of Chicago, in back), Connie Homan (University of Chicago, in front), Dick Hudson (University of Chicago), Matthew Cobb (University of Manchester), Leonie Moyle (Indiana University), Trevor Price (University of Chicago), Colin Meikeljohn (University of Nebraska), Corbin Jones (University of North Carolina); kneeling (left to right): Tina Harr (Max Planck Institute and University of Chicago, with Melody the d*g), Daniel Matute (University of North Carolina), Kelly Dyer (University of Georgia), Jeff Wisniewski (University of Chicago), John Novembre (University of Chicago), Nitin Phadnis  (University of Utah).

Not everyone could make it out to the Log Castle, and some who did had left by the time the photo was taken, so not all the CoyneFesters are in the picture; almost 3/4 of the speakers, though, are in the picture. John Novembre, seeing I had the best (or at least best-looking!) camera, urged me to take a group photo and helped get everyone in the picture; he then kindly took one with me in the picture.