October 16, 2016 • 1:05 pm

CoyneFest has ended with a long party last night at the log house of my colleague Trevor and Tina in northern Indiana.  By all reports, both the scientific meetings and the dinners, booze, and party were great successes. I have lots of photos already, but will just show two now. Both were taken by Andrew Berry.

First: the premier and perhaps only occasion where the three male writers on this site are in one place (we wished Grania were here to make it all four). Left to right: Greg Mayer, me (note the special gold “CoyneFest” button reserved for me; other buttons will be available for a slight donation to Doctors without Borders), and Matthew Cobb, who came all the way from Manchester.


The Log Castle of Trevor and Tina in northern Indiana, near the Indiana Dunes. What a wonderful place for a party! I’m grateful to the owners for hosting us last night.


17 thoughts on “CoyneFest

  1. Looks like y’all had a fine time.

    But… what is that brown and white thing in the front yard of the cabin?

    Wat it invited?

  2. I spent much of my childhood growing up in what is now the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore. Back then there were a lot of private semi-rural homes near the State Park. Now the houses are gone. It was a wonderful place to be a kid.

      1. I think the once the National Lakeshore was established people could stay in their homes but could only sell to the park system. This is what my old house looks like now.

        I drove through the area some 15 or 20 years ago for the fun of it. I think I prefer it as “wild” public land to what I remember from childhood. Which is to say that the thing I remember positively is the wild-ish aspect.

  3. Excellent pictures and very nice of Trevor and Tina to provide the first class spot for the occasion. No neighbors to bother with…

  4. Looks like the fest went swimmingly!
    a gold badge Prof(E)?
    what a hoot!

    from a land down under.
    Good on ya mate!

  5. Looking great. Wish you all the best in your life. Please upload the rest of the photos. I’m begging you to write more books. Thanks

  6. “First: the premier and perhaps only occasion where the three male writers on this site are in one place (we wished Grania were here to make it all four).”

    Took me a while to read that the way it was intended… 😀

    Congrats on such super celebration. 🙂

  7. That hut looks like the proverbial Cabin in the Woods.

    If you go there, be sure to follow the rules of engagement for mere mortals in cheap horror films: make sure the car breaks down/the bridge falls into the gorge/there’s a snowstorm, wait until dark to investigate, don’t stick together but split up. Also read out any books in an incomprehensible foreign language loud and clear. That should guarantee success.

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