Guinness records: 2023

November 19, 2023 • 1:30 pm

Here are the Guinness records set this year (so far).  The ones that really get me are these:

Solving a Rubk’s cube blindfolded (the first one)
Juggling 7 objects on a unicycle
Basketball shot made backwards
World’s largest pizza
Longest underwater kiss (4 minutes, 6 seconds!)
Shortest living dog (3.6 inches!)
Most skips in one minute (374)
Most dogs in a conga line (14!)
Fastest mile run while skipping rope (5 minutes, 52 seconds)
Most consecutive items caught by a d*g (27)
Oldest living chicken (20 years, 272 days)
Fastest time to identify all national flage (3 min, 23 seconds)
Tallest rideable unicycle: 31 feet, 10 inches!)
Oldest living dog: (30 years, 243 days)
Longest beard on a living person (8 feet, 3 inches)

Of course the big lesson is that people will do all kinds of bizarre stuff in the effort to set a record. Note the huge numbers of records set by Asians!

5 thoughts on “Guinness records: 2023

  1. The world’s smallest dog looked much bigger than the stated 3.6 inches….. maybe that’s how big it was when it was born?

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