Caturday felid trifecta: Cat Island in Turkey; Pawficcer Fuzz, Arkansas police cat: and a beautifully marked cat (plus lagniappe)

November 18, 2023 • 9:30 am

The “Cat Island” in Turkey is Heybeliada, off the coast of Istanbul, making a visit convenient if you’re in that city. (See map below.) Curiously, the Wikipedia entry doesn’t mention the preponderance of felines, but you can read about them at Laughing Squid.

Heybelida (I’ve put an arrow near the island):


From the article:

The CATS AND KITTENS channel captured candid footage of the stray cats who live on Heybeliada, an island just off the coast of Istanbul (a city is also known for its high feline population) where the cats outnumber the humans on the island. These generous people not only document the cats but also feed them.

We live in Istanbul, Turkey, and unfortunately there are many hungry stray cats and kittens on the street, meowing for food. They need food, attention and some love. We aim to make those cute cats and kittens life better. Every day

It’s interesting to note that these cats are not afraid of humans like other feral cats, rather they gather around for food and even seek out attention sometimes.

Another video of the cats being fed. There’s a short reddit article on the island.

From Supa Fluffy:

The people of Istanbul are noted for their love of cats. In addition to pets, the city has thousands of strays that people feed and interact with as a matter of course. The island of Heybeliada, in the Sea of Marmara near Istanbul, has become known as Cat Island. The 200 or so cats who live in the park there are clean, well-fed, and socialized to humans. If you stand still for a minute, or better yet, sit on a bench, they will approach you expecting affectionate petting. One hotel on the island warns visitors to not bother coming if you don’t like to be around cats. But if you do, this may be heaven on earth! They may be “community cats,” but they are not exactly strays. Someone is providing these cats with everything they need so they don’t have to fight with each other over resources

And another: feeding and departure from the park:


From Arkansas’ River Valley Democrat-Gazette paper we hear of a cat promoted to be a cop, used to improve relationships with the community. Meet Pawfficer Fuzz:

From the paper:

Residents will be able to follow the escapades of the city’s top police cat across multiple formats going forward.

The Police Department and city on Tuesday released the first episode of a new children’s short story series, “The Adventures of Pawfficer Fuzz.”

The initiative centers around the eponymous Pawfficer Fuzz, a male Siamese Manx cat who’s a fixture in the Police Department’s Community Relations Unit. It will feature a new tale on a biweekly basis that people can watch on the department’s YouTube channel or listen to on audio platforms such as Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Amazon Music, according to a city news release.

An intro:

The first episode of the series is titled “Fuzz Finds His Calling.” Narrated by Josh Buchfink, Fort Smith’s public relations manager, it recounts how Fuzz took a chance and persevered through “Police Acatemy” training with other cats named Popsicle, Marbles, Snowball and Mushy to fulfill his longstanding dream of joining the Fort Smith Police Department. It also teaches the importance of looking for and acting on opportunities to help others. Shoptaw appears as a supporting character alongside Officer Brad Williams and Police Chief Danny Baker.

If you go to the Fort Smith Police Department website, you can find the “Adventures of Pawfficer Fuzz” page, which has the latest adventures. There are three narrated ones (below; go to the page to hear). .

And here’s a 7-minute Halloween video of “Pawfficer Fuzz and the case of the pilfered pumpkins.” Trigger warning: there’s a d*g in there! Like me, the narrator loves peanut-butter cups.

In this episode, Fuzz’s job is to apprehend older kids who stole candy from younger ones. With the help of two other officers and the Fuzzmobile, he tracks down the perps.  But there were no arrests! In the end, Fuzz hands out safety lessons to the kids, as well as one moral one.

The cop himself:


From LoveMeow we hear the tail of a beautifully marked calico cat. Click the headline to read (and look at that cat!):

From the article:

A kitten with beautiful markings was found wandering outside. Two months later, her wish came true with three other cats.

Shelly who has been rescuing animals for over 12 years, was recently contacted about three kittens desperately needing help.

A Good Samaritan found them wandering outside with no mother in sight. After scouring the area, they spotted the cat mom, but she showed no interest in caring for her babies.

The kittens’ eyes were crusted shut due to infections, and they were underweight. Shelly rushed to pick up the smallest kitten and provided critical care, and returned to tend to the other two.

Sadly, one of them didn’t make it:

“I continued with a bottle for a few weeks more, whilst introducing mixed wet food. I named them Polly, Cloud and Destiny.”

Despite Shelly’s herculean efforts to save them all, the runt of the litter, Destiny, sadly lost her fight. Polly and Cloud took to the bottle straightaway, filling their bellies to the brim at each feeding.

The two survivors are above, and here’s the lovely Polly:

. . . Polly, the calico, was born with stunning markings. Her fur coat grew even more striking and gleaming as she matured.

She strutted about with her tail held high as she explored around. Her brother Cloud was at her heels, his curious gaze scanning the place. They learned to eat from a dish and figured out the art of the litter box together.

Polly and Cloud made a full recovery and bloomed into boisterous young cats. They befriended many foster kitties, some of which took them under their wings.

When it was time to find them a loving home, Donna, a previous adopter, surprised Shelly when she inquired about four kittens.

. . .Donna fell head over heels for Polly and Cloud as well as two of their foster friends, and couldn’t bear to separate them.

A week ago, the foursome was officially adopted and moved into their forever home.

At least four cats in that house! But you have to admit that Polly is a stunner.

Share this story with your friends. More on Shelly’s rescues and fosters on Instagram @5_star_strays.


Lagniappe: From reader Gary, a cat and Darwin:

Here is our Siamese named Sky on a table below a sketch of Darwin. Seems right up your alley. The sketch was done by an artist in Richmond, VA.

h/t: Kevin, Ginger K.

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  1. They need food, attention and some love.

    And, being realistic, neutering.
    I’m not sure if “oral” contraceptives have been developed for dosing stray-food, but that would be welcomed by many humane societies as having a lower cost and wider reach than “capture, neuter, and release” approaches.

    Polly, the calico

    IIRC, the calico patterning is due to random “X-silencing” of some coat colour genes in the early (female) embryo. But the level of “patchiness” seems to vary a lot. Does that suggest that the X-silencing can take place earlier (for the large patches) or later (for the smaller patches).

  2. Thanks for the cat stories and photos. That calico looks like a painting. Sky is looking very magisterial in the lamplight.

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