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October 23, 2023 • 10:40 am

Tom Gross, journalist, commentator, and human rights activist, sends regular newsletters, including photos and videos, to journalists, and I’ve been allowed to receive the statements as well—and to reproduce them here. So here’s the latest statement. I’ve embedded the videos in the text rather than giving the URLs as in the newsletter, and I’ve made a few comments in square brackets with my initials.

Ohad Zichri, an Israeli boy held hostage by Hamas in Gaza, has his 9th birthday today. He likes playing tennis and solving Rubix cubes.


Tom Gross writes:

I attach a few more videos. Many of these are only a few seconds long.

I suggest trying to watch some if you can.

They often tell us more than a lengthy report in the New York Times or on CNN.


Gaza has many real victims, but others apply make up to fool gullible media & inflate figures:

Former Miss Israel, who is black, slams Black Lives Matter as bigots  [JAC: The woman is Yityish Titi Aynaw, who did her service in the IDF]

Hillary Clinton had it right on Gaza

In Stockholm, calling for end of Israel: Syrian immigrants didn’t protest like this against Assad

They are chanting in English “from the river to the sea” (in other words “destroy Israel”).

Kevin Chen begins his Carnegie Hall concert with Hatikva in memory of victims of Hamas [JAC: “Hatikvah” is Israel’s national anthem]

(The Canadian pianist also played Hatikva at his concert in London last week.)

Naftali Bennett, until last year the prime minister of Israel’s center-left government, expresses anger at the BBC in an interview with them [JAC: the whole interview is here; the BBC interviewer is clearly biased]

Lies by media that “Israel bombed a hospital” have consequences: historic Tunisian synagogue burned down, Jews beaten in Europe, stabbed in Michigan.

Israeli right warned Israeli government about handing over Gaza [JAC: the footage is from 2005, the year Israel left Gaza and gave it to the Palestinians]

See also the photos and text here, which I wrote in 2005:

Exodus From Gaza  [JAC: an article]

6 thoughts on “Tom Gross’s latest newsletter

    1. A little act of personal kindness from a country that officially displays only stony, grudging lukewarm support for Israel. Thank you Mr. Chen.

  1. The BBC interview with the ex Israeli PM who is to be commended for his tolerance, is a disgrace to this public corporation and not surprising with the current director general who allows this to continue. It is not just this conflict that is the problem, the BBC is riven with scandals and presenters who shouldn’t be employed anywhere let alone in what is supposed to be an independent public funded broadcaster whose mandate is to report the news without favour or bias. There are a lot of really good departments in the BBC but the “World News” department is not one of them. It requires some radical changes and I am being polite.

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