From Tom Gross: more photos and videos related to the war

October 14, 2023 • 12:00 pm

These come from a newsletter that is not online but is received by Andrzej and Malgorzata.

As Wikipedia notes, Tom Gross is. . .

. . . . a British-born journalist, international affairs commentator,and human rights campaigner specializing in the Middle East. Gross was formerly a foreign correspondent for the London Sunday Telegraph and New York Daily News. He now works as an opinion journalist and has written for both Arab and Israeli newspapers, as well as European and American ones, both liberal and conservative. He also appears as a commentator on the BBC in English, BBC Arabic,  and various Middle Eastern and other networks,

I’m simply reproducing his photos with their captions, and his links to videos. All his words are indented.

Eitan Diamond, 12, was made to watch by Hamas as they executed his father. Eitan was then abducted alone into Gaza:

Emilie was nine years old, hacked to death by Hamas last weekend:

Yaeli, one of dozens of children and babies kidnapped by Hamas which Israeli special forces are currently trying to rescue:

Moran was abducted alone by Hamas. Her friend says she is “the most kind-hearted gentle, sensitive, loving soul who never caused pain to anyone, not even a fly.”

Hamas are known to be particularly brutal to their Jewish female abductees, yet western feminists remain largely silent.

Dr. Yair Zalof was a pediatric specialist at Israel’s Schneider medical center, murdered by Hamas on Saturday. He was an exceptional person, an outstanding doctor and a groundbreaking researcher. He had already published over ten articles in leading international medical journals, an extraordinary achievement for a doctor at the beginning of his journey. Several doctors and medics were murdered by Hamas last weekend.

YouTube has removed some of Gross’s videos on ridiculous grounds (you can imagine), so watch these while you can. None of the videos show violence, murder, or gore, so no trigger warning is required. Read the description before watching the video.

I’ve linked each description to the video instead of giving the URL as Gross does.


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First, a video I got from Malgorzata, too, who says, “Listen to the BBC Arabic. Wonderful. They contacted a Bedouin in Israel, hoping for condemnation of Israel and got an answer they didn’t expect in their worst nightmares. The ‘journalist’ tried to stop him but this brave man didn’t let him.” It’s the first one below:

Surprised BBC anchor slammed for being pro-Hamas by his Arab-Israeli guest [JAC: There are English subtitles]

Terrified Jewish students in America plead for help as waves of hate spread across US campuses.

Unfit to serve: Congresswoman Tlaib refuses to condemn beheading of Jewish babies, rape of women

Oxford, England: Pro-Hamas demonstrators call for wiping out of Israel (Oct. 12, 2023)

Mild-mannered moderate President Herzog of Israel finally loses his cool with British reporter  [JAC: This is a good one, with the President saying he has no beef with ordinary non-Hamas Palestinians and doesn’t oppose living next to them]

Fauda actor Lior Raz (‘Doron’) under Hamas rocket attack in Israel (This is real life, not Netflix)

And videos with Tom Gross

Russian-born pianist Evgeny Kissin: Massacres in Israel similar to a pogrom but worse (in conversation with Tom Gross)

Did the Iranian regime help Hamas plan the terror attack? (Tom Gross on Iran opposition Radio Farda)  [JAC: Well worth hearing]


10 thoughts on “From Tom Gross: more photos and videos related to the war

  1. In the UK today, there were marches/protests/celebrations in a number of large cities. On display was open antisemitism, the usual genocidal chants, someone flying the ISIS flag, and people wearing “paraglider” stickers. London was particularly bad, and I feel sorry for the considerable Jewish population who live there. It must feel like they are under siege.

    I don’t really like to keep sullying WEIT with updates about the “progressives” at FreeThoughtBlogs, but I noticed a new article from a blogger called ‘Stderr’, called “Blame the Brits”. It is a long article the formation and early years of Israel. Towards the end, the author seems to be suggesting Israelis/Jews should move to the USA, in particular, several southern States.

    “The population of Israel is 9mn +/- and Gaza and the West bank are smaller. What if the US opened its borders to anyone wishing to come to the US and live in Georgia, Mississippi, Alabama, or Texas? Free! I’m sure it would boost our economy greatly and then we could stop spending so much money propping up Israel, which is a failing left-over colonial project from World War I.”

    A rather bizarre, erm, solution…

    1. I’ve perhaps wasted (hoping not) a morning arguing with pro-Hamas trolls on the National Post website, which published a tranche of horrible photos of burned babies. As often as I asked Sam Harris’s questions:

      Can you imagine Israel using Israeli women and children as human shields?
      If they did, would it deter Hamas from attacking?

      I got only insults and diversions. They cannot answer those questions!
      And now I cannot post at all as Viafora has marked me down as some kind of undesirable.

      And, yes, Richard, I spent a little while under the moniker of a delightful character from Tobias Smollett’s best novel politely arguing with them there before being banned. Definitely a waste of time, as they are well beyond a lost cause.

    2. According to the BBC:

      Protesters on the route to Westminster could also be heard chanting “Rishi Sunak, shame on you” and the slogan “from the river to the sea, Palestine will be free”.

      Earlier this week, Home Secretary Suella Braverman urged police chiefs to consider whether the slogan should be interpreted as an “expression of a violent desire to see Israel erased from the world”, possibly making it a “racially aggravated” public order offence in some contexts.

      I’ve seen nothing to suggest that Braverman’s remarks have had any effect.

  2. My father’s parents were among the pre-WW-I Jewish migration to USA and lived in New York City. (a good book: Irving Howe’s World of our Fathers: The Journey of the East European Jews to America and the Life They Found and Made).

    My dad was into assimilation and married a woman of good New England stock, moved to the Midwest and I was not raised in Jewish traditions, etc. Good atheists, we were. Sometimes I felt Jewish was when I was mistaken for Jewish on account of my name — and frequently thereby picked on.

    There’s a lot about (Arab) rage due to bad circumstances but does anyone consider the always-simmering white hot fury of post-Holocaust Jews? (did Hamas/ anyone except maybe Jews who feel that?) And a now a pogrom — my father’s parents came (separately) to USA on account of that sort of thing and pogroms were a thing back in the day, and there wasn’t much could be done except get out. Oh, I read about certain cultures being a (so-called) honor cultures and if one buys into that, the death toll will be staggering. “honor cultures” — pfui! — the evil stirs within me, saying, OK, buddy, here’s your honor payback. Not good for my insomnia, thinking of total consequences.

    Cradle of civilization where total annilhilation of the enemy is an old established rule. The situation there is…
    Hope it doesn’t go nuclear.

  3. The pictures and captions are heartbreaking. Such terrible loss.

    Regarding the YouTube videos, it’s good to see people push back on the pro-Hamas media. They disgust me.

    Finally, there are no words available to describe U.S. Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib—at least none that can be used here. Her silence tells you exactly who and what she is.

  4. Isaac Bashevis Singer is surely the author to read if you want to know about those days.
    As for the cradle of civilisation, it seems the Amalekites of the Negev were not dealt with exactly as the Tetragrammaton ordered.
    Currently, the best I can come up with is for the Arab nations that have accepted the existence of Israel might take some sort of responsibility for those that have not (Iran, Syria, Qatar come to mind). But I’m the very last person to start recommending a war that just happens to be one across religious lines: that seems to be a step too far for an atheist (old joke “Are you an atheist infidel or a Christian infidel?” Apologies to Northern Ireland.)

  5. I am not in service now, due to health and age. In my
    Last position as a reserve officer, a central part of my job was to minimize casualties among the civilians and damage to civilian and humanitarian targets (health, education etc.). The ratio of civilians/combatants of the other side in Israeli operations is lower than those of other Western armies. Israel does not target civilians, and anyone who says otherwise is either ignorant or a liar.
    The death and suffering of noncombatants is a tragedy. However, the idea that Israel cannot operate where they are at risk has no moral or legal basis (as far as I am concerned, the first is far more important).
    The presence of Hamas is untolerable. We must do whatever we can to minimize harm to civilians. But we we will not let
    Hamas keep its power.
    I am not ready to accept standards not required from any other nation.

  6. About Rashida Tlaib: in the video she briefly stopped as if she was about to reply to the reporter about whether or not she condemns Hamas, but then decided not to and walked on. She apparently has a Palestinian flag in her office, so we know where her sympathies lie. But what I wonder is if she was afraid to respond honestly, humanely and with compassion towards the Israeli people because she’s afraid of the repercussions. She knows perfectly well what some of her own people are capable of doing in retaliation. At the very least, she proved to be a complete coward.

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