Hasidic rockers

September 6, 2023 • 1:00 pm

This speaks for itself; see details in the YouTube description. This video of the Gat Brothers was taken by Jay Tanzman last night in central Jerusalem. And yes, they’re genuine Hasids, not fakers tricked out to look like Orthodox Jews.

But shouldn’t they be studying the Talmud instead of wailing on the axe?

10 thoughts on “Hasidic rockers

  1. Great cover – singing along shows good musicianship. Great sound for busking.

    Not to diminish, but since we’re sharing the proverbial record collections and the term “Hasidic” applies :

    Hasidic New Wave : https://youtu.be/kZh2QEPk2SQ?si=V5Y6qf0XdIHyHbp2

    … one of my favorite players – Dave Fiuczynski – though I think he’s Greek.

    Great way to get some music percolating here today – this and the Masada this AM – love it.


  2. Well, that was unexpected! Not a birthday present that Roger Waters (born on this day in 1943) will appreciate, I suspect…

  3. There is nothing the matter with fakers tricked out to look like Orthodox Jews. See, and listen to the great performance of the Dreidel song on the Erran Baron Cohen album. Best fake orthodox ever. You can find it on YouTube. Contains a great Yiddish rap.

  4. Maybe they are singing about the most worrisome talmudic questions and debates, but you’d have to be fluent in Hebrew to know. Or maybe, just maybe, they are singing about all the usual nonsense: love, life, and heartbreak. Radical idea, but maybe they have lives as well as a religion! Admittedly, perhaps narrower and more restricted (especially for their poor womenfolk) but thank goodness they do—how miserable would it be to spend your entire existence worrying about what your god wants of you when you have nothing to go on? Perhaps that’s why Judaism doesn’t mention an afterlife, as they are already in hell (or maybe heaven).

  5. I’ll do this again… so that’s the theme track for the current tour taken care of. These guys intrigue me given that rock doesn’t give a rats about religion or it shouldn’t… and then, along comes christian rock bands/blands to wholesome the hell outa of it. Ultimately they have to pay homage.

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