Our haul today

July 8, 2023 • 12:45 pm

Nine new ducklings: Amy the Library Duck’s entire brood. Believe me, we tried to get Amy and her brood to the nearest water (1.5 miles away), putting the ducklings in a padded but clear box so she could see them, and then walking towards the lake. She followed for less than half a block before flying away back to the nest.  And she was not leading them on their own to the water.  Nor would she let us get near her to catch her. (Catching adult mallards has always been impossible for Team Duck.)

After some futile attempts to catch the mother, who put on the first broken-wing display I’ve ever seen in a mallard, we gave up and took all nine (healthy and strong) babies to the rehab person.  This always breaks my heart, but it’s better than letting all the ducklings die.  We had three plans worked out but, as I suspected, we wound up, in the end, taking the ducklings to rehab—plan C.

Here’s our haul from this morning. (Please don’t ask me about alternative plans; we’ve thought of them all and had six people there dealing with the issue.)

BUT we are still tending a mother and her ten offspring on the plaza between two dorms, as the babies cannot escape until they can fly. (There’s a large fence.)  Here are Maria and her babies, whom we tend three times a week.  Note that these are older—probably at least two weeks old.

I’ll have a longer post about this in a few days—after I’ve recovered.

12 thoughts on “Our haul today

    1. My local ducks had a small brood of 3 or 4, but the Egyptian geese have two broods, one in approx Feb, & one May or so. – they seem to keep the mallards away. Swans however are not intimidated & have 3 cygnets. Wonder if the signets have rings! 🤭

  1. Sounds like another rough day in duck land. Hang in there, Jerry. You are performing an invaluable service for the ducks on the South Side. Take care and get some rest!

  2. Thank you for rescuing the ducklings–I know that is heart wrenching for you, Team Duck, and the mom, but when mom wouldn’t cooperate, you didn’t have much of a choice. And thanks to Team Duck for all their work with the plaza ducklings. It’s unfortunate that the moms build nests in such places; they are good at picking safe places to build the nests and lay their eggs, but not so good at thinking through the consequences.

  3. HA! You’re like Duck Dynasty Emperor over there. Well done. Just STAY OUT OF THE WATER!! We don’t want to see any more gory pics of your legs all nastied up by the piranhas or whatever they’ve got in that pond of horrors! Send the kids in!


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