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July 8, 2023 • 11:15 am

The Center for Inquiry has put the discussion that Luana and I had this week, along with Robyn Blumner moderating, on YouTube. (You can also see it at the SI site.)  It was fun, but of course given the material we covered in our paper, there’s no way that we could do more than give a brief summary in an hour (45 minutes, really, with 15 minutes of questions at the end.) As usual, I haven’t watched it because I hate to see and her myself talking (not unusual, I think).

If you want to read our paper, “The Ideological Subversion of Biology,” it’ll be online forever, and you can find it here.

12 thoughts on “Our CFI podcast/discussion

  1. Even if you read the paper, i think the zoomcast is well worth watching to hear some of the issues addressed in a discussion. At 58 minutes there is even a question sent in by Richard Dawkins.

  2. Thanks for posting Jerry, I admit I missed the early portion because I forgot the stated started time was EST.

  3. Very good. Much of the subject is a review on several of the topics because we have read WET on a regular basis. I am oddly more optimistic but it may be a long slog to eliminate this. Faith vs. Fact has been a long one as well. Isn’t Robert Kennedy Jr. running for president on the anti-vaccination line. And Trump is by far the choice of the republican party and that is about as anti science as it gets.

  4. So very much agree that it’s important to concentrate on incursions from the Ctrl Left into science, rather than including the effects from the right. The far left ideologies are after all gaining converts from scientists and educators, and this has resulted in a lot of incorrect stuff being propagated in classrooms and in the literature. Meanwhile, the far right is happy to use this to paint the entire scientific edifice as being run by a bunch of kooks who are disconnected from reality.

  5. The two of you were great! And, the narrator was excellent as well. I like that the emphasis was on the six areas of contention and that the two of you covered each one in turn. Very systematic, as I would expect.

    I love the strong position you took against indigenous “ways of knowing” being complementary to science. There’s no such thing as Science and some other thing that runs in parallel alongside. It’s either part of Science or it’s not! Let’s not muddy the waters by giving religion and superstition a toehold at scientific legitimacy. Thank you for your courageous clarity.

    Your discussion around how scientists are being so cruelly cancelled was appropriately brief, but I wish that there were a way to cast more light on the injustices committed under the guise of social justice. That would justify an interview all by itself.

    At my house, there were lots of annoying dropouts and freezes during the live interview—often for several seconds each. It’s hard to know if it was a problem in general or just something between the signal source and me. The recorded version, of course, will not have these glitches.

    Great interview!

    1. There’s no such thing as Science and some other thing that runs in parallel alongside.

      As the old joke (?) goes, “What do you call alternative medicine that has been tested and has been proved to work? (cymbal crash) Conventional medicine.”

  6. Jerry and Luana.
    I listened live and greatly appreciate your efforts in defending science and education etc. I was only barely aware of Luana Maroja’s excellent work beforehand, but it’s great to see in her another strong advocate for world science and rational thinking.
    Keep the faith!
    David Lillis

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