Another day, another brood

July 7, 2023 • 12:36 pm

The ducklings are hatching under Amy, the library duck, and you can see them under the mother (heads pop out occasionally, and there are at least three) at the DuckCam link.   Here is a photo showing one duckling’s head (circled).  We have a plan to try to capture the ducklings and walk them, with Amy following, to the nearest water, which is about 1.5 miles away.  That likely won’t work, but we will try. If it doesn’t work, I’ve already called the rehab lady and we can take the brood into rehab tomorrow.

It’s likely that the brood is eight or more; they may not have all hatched. But it’s likely that the Big Jump will happen tomorrow.

This is very stressful. I planned for a respite from duck-tending this year, but we are also feeding a mother and brood on a dorm plaza, which takes at least an hour three times a week.

Click on the photo to enlarge.

Posting will almost certainly be light tomorrow as I expect the ducklings will jump, though they may do so this afternoon.

3 thoughts on “Another day, another brood

  1. Absolutely! Very best wishes to Team Duck, but most importantly to the duck family themselves – I really hope that it is possible to keep the mother and babies together. But if it isn’t, then that is the best solution possible however hard it seems.

    Thanks once more for everything that you do.

  2. The ducks thank you, even though they don’t know how. Good luck on your travel. Yes, that sounds very stressful. Wish I could help (and I’m not patronizing, I would if I lived in the vicinity). At the same time, Team Duck is amazing and probably doesn’t need help, just luck.

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