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June 15, 2023 • 8:15 am

A few contributions have been coming in, so we’re good through the weekend, I think. Today we have a new contributor, Małgosia Borkowska-Tarr—from Poland. I’ve also added two photos sent by reader Diana MacPherson from Canada.  If you can ID any of the photos, please do so in the comments.

Everyone’s ID and captions are indented, and you can enlarge the photos by clicking on them.

My name is Małgosia and I live in Łuków (eastern Poland) with my husband Brian. He is from California and thanks to him I found out about your website “Why evolution is true.”  I took some pictures of wild bees in our garden. There is Anthophora plumipes, Osmia biconis and some others.

From Diana, who found a spider mimicking an ant:

We still have cute spider ants. I took this picture with my 100mm macro lens just now. He’s so small and so convincing as an ant but here he is with his cute spider face.

And here’s a pseudoscorpion:

He’s very tiny – about 2 mm. I took this with a 100mm  macro lens so he looks a lot bigger. There are so many species I have no idea what the Latin binomial would be for this guy but he was near my window where I saw the small ant mimicking spiders. I think that window is host to a lot of smaller insects & such that these small arachnids can eat.

7 thoughts on “Readers’ wildlife photos

  1. The ant mimic is the only one found in NA and he got here recently from Europe:(Myrmarachne formicaria). I’m not sure the pseudo scorpion because there are so many but I’m in Ontario, Canada.

  2. Thanks Malgosia and welcome to the site. Your garden flowers are beautiful. Very interesting examples, Diana. Thanks.

  3. Thank you both for these cool photos! Have you tried iNaturalist for ID suggestions? (I’m not sure how global it is yet…..)

  4. Very nice bee photos, Małgosia. And Diana, that pseudoscorpion is so bizarre looking, I’d love to see him using those clownishly long appendages.

  5. I spent a couple of hours yesterday with the camera rigged up to see the birds fighting for access to the bird feeder. They obviously heard my cunning planning because as soon as I put the camera out and checked the remote release … the birds bowdlerized off.

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