Man rescues Indian cobra trapped in a fishing net, gives it a big drink of water

June 9, 2023 • 1:20 pm

The Indian or spectacled cobra (Naja naja) is widespread in South Asia, and is the “classical” cobra that Westerners are familiar with from wildlife shows, movies, Kipling stories, etc. The one shown in this video got itself trapped in a fishing net. Fortunately, a skilled snake handler was around and, after giving the snake a long drink of water, pinned its head and then proceeded to free it from the net, releasing it back where it was found.

My favorite part is where the snake greedily guzzles water from a plastic bottle. It must have been plenty thirsty! As in all Dodo videos, things end well, and so this is your Friday heartwarmer.

The YouTube notes:

This king cobra [see Note by GCM below] was found trapped in a fishing net on New Year’s Day near a rice paddy in East India. When the local villagers found the trapped snake, they called in snake rescuer Mirza Arif. Arif uses scissors to cut the fishing net off, but not before giving the cobra sips of water from a Sprite bottle to quench his thirst. After being freed from the net, the snake was later released near where he was found.

[Note by GCM: Youtube wrongly identifies this as a king cobra  (Ophiophagus hannah), also native to Asia, which is the world’s longest venomous snake, with extremely toxic venom. The key to identifying it correctly are the markings on the neck, which sometimes resemble glasses (hence “spectacled”), and sometimes a monocle; there are various cobras with these marks, some split off as separate species.

The guy in the video, BTW, shows real skill and knowledge in handling the snake. A lot of online videos show people doing stupid and dangerous things with venomous snakes, but this guy is appropriately prudent!]

6 thoughts on “Man rescues Indian cobra trapped in a fishing net, gives it a big drink of water

  1. Snake in a jar! Very cool video. It was also interesting to see the local folks keep their distance. Smart, very smart.

  2. Occasionally, snakes will get picked up in the hay baler. We always call them a “baled rattlesnake” or “baled bullsnake”, according to their species.
    It is a very exciting experience to pick up a bale and discover a couple of feet of angry snake sticking out, especially if it is the pointy end.
    I always try to free the non venomous ones, which is most of them.

    I would probably not be very keen on releasing a cobra near a field where people might be working, especially children.

  3. We have watched several episodes of India SOS with folks that really care (and are careful) capturing cobras. The hard part if finding where the snakes are hiding, as once found the rescuers are quite competent in their actions. They always release them in their natural habitant, but away from the villages. They rescue all wildlife and have a great respect for all of them. I am most impressed by the efforts they go through for their rescued elephants.

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