Live interview with Aron Ra tomorrow

May 28, 2023 • 10:30 am

Aron Ra has asked me to be on his live video podcast tomorrow, and I’m glad to oblige. It will be about evolution. As Aaron told me:

Ideally, we would like to do a half hour of you talking about your career in defense of science against creationism. Then we would do another half hour of taking selected questions from the chat.

The show is at 10 a.m. Chicago time (11 a.m. Eastern time) tomorrow, and you will be able to watch it by clicking on the link below.

5 thoughts on “Live interview with Aron Ra tomorrow

  1. I’ve admired Aron Ra for years but he’s become quite woke and, like other American atheist “science educators/influencers” of his ilk, has started referring to “science” in the same way that fundamentalists refer to the bible, saying that science that agrees with their ideology is good but science that produces evidence contrary to their beliefs is either to be ignored or attacked as cis/white/male/colonial/etc. Other “science educators” that are doing the same thing include Matt Dillahunty and Seth Andrews. In fact, Seth Andrews recently interviewed Cara Santa Maria who spoke in favor of the scientific method for half the interview but when the conversation touched on trans issues she suddenly changed her tune saying that there is so much wrong with science and how important it is to also “be guided by ideology”. It’s a very worrying development.

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