4 thoughts on “Jesus ‘n’ Mo ‘n’ blasphemy

  1. Jesus looks quite on edge. Well he might be: neither of them appears to be wearing a seatbelt, and their vehicle seems to lack a rear-view mirror. Plus Mo seems unable to see over the steering wheel. Their own excuses for driving under such conditions could well collapse under questioning.

  2. In 1969, I, together with a dozen other cadets was charged with “blasphemy” at the US Air Force Academy. Our crime was to conduct an alternative religious service on Sunday morning in the Jewish tabernacle (which was in the same building in which the mandatory Catholic and Protestant services were conducted but vacant on Sunday mornings). The Marine Lieutenant Colonel who apprehended us, told us that on Sunday morning, we were required to be either Catholics or Protestants, and if we didn’t know which we were, we must be Protestants. We were rescued from severe punitive consequences by a member of the local Unitarian Universalist Church, Judge Donald King, who had also been a member of the board of the ACLU.

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