Another Babylon Bee spoof of the Israel/Palestine conflict:

May 21, 2023 • 1:30 pm

First let me assure you that I KNOW that the Babylon Bee site is a spoof “fake news” site. It’s not hard to discern if you go there. But many of the articles are worth reading because they evoke a chuckle and are frequently anti-woke. Here’s one. First, though, I’ll add that it’s well known that the Associated Press, like much of the MSM, is biased in reporting against Israel and in favor of Palestine. If you think I’m making that up, read this article in The Atlantic by a former reporter and editor in the Jerusalem bureau of the AP.

Click to read, but I’ve reproduced the entire piece below (the Bee allows it if you don’t benefit commercially.)



GAZA – In an embarrassing blunder on camera, a Middle East reporter for the Associated Press Forgot to remove his green Hamas headband and ski mask before going live to cover Israel’s latest airstrike.

“This is a shocking war crime,” said AP’s foreign correspondent Mohammed Ahmed Mohammed Mohammed. “Israel is now blatantly attacking journalists. Behind me is the building that was our Gaza bureau of operations before the evil Jews demolished it. Death to Israel. Allahu Akbar.”

The journalist quickly caught himself and realized he was still wearing his terrorist headgear before frantically ducking out of frame.

“Sorry folks, technical difficulties. As I was saying, Israel and its supporters in the United States have a lot to answer for in the deliberate targeting of the free press.”

He then tried to cut the feed but pressed the wrong button and blew himself up.

8 thoughts on “Another Babylon Bee spoof of the Israel/Palestine conflict:

  1. The Bee is fun, but you have to be careful about reading it and then going to a regular site, where you continue to read the headlines like they have a humorous meaning.

    1. I had a friend, a theater grad no less, who late one night started watching a TV movie that had already started. It was a comedy starring Leslie Nielsen. He laughed and laughed at the way Mr. Nielsen was grossly over-dramatizing his character, until he realized: it wasn’t a comedy, it was a real crime drama. Typical theater grad ha ha.

  2. I remember many years ago when I was still a newbie about web surfing, I stumbled upon The Onion (back when it was a lot better). It did take me a few minutes of bafflement to realize that it was just a spoof web site. And reality seemed so much saner then …

  3. The link to The Atlantic piece was useful. Explains a few things about reporting from this dogs breakfast of a conflict and persistence of biased reporting. Devil is in the detail but Hamas could end it all tomorrow, but I suspect their (Palestinian) internal problems would then surface and they would eat themselves from the inside out… for another 60 odd years.

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