Readers’ wildlife photos

May 7, 2023 • 8:15 am

Send your photos in, as the tank is running low.
If we run out of pix, these posts will have to go.

But I can always count on John Avise for his Sunday contribution of themed bird photos. Today we have GEESE. John’s notes and IDs are indented, and you can enlarge the photos by clicking on them.

Goose Heads

Wild geese in many urban and county parks in Southern California get accustomed to intense human presence, and can become relatively tame.  This week’s theme takes advantage of such close-up photo opportunities by showing head portraits of several goose species that can be found in Orange County, California.  Except for the Egyptian Goose (which was introduced from Africa), all the other species are native to North America.

Canada Goose, Branta canadensis:

Another Canada Goose:

Yet another Canada Goose:

Cackling Goose, Branta hutchinsii (this species was formerly considered to be a small subspecies of the Canada Goose):

Another Cackling Goose:

Snow Goose adult, Anser caerulescens:

Snow Goose juvenile:

Ross’s Goose, Anser rossii:

Greater White-fronted Goose, Anser albifrons:

Another Greater White-fronted Goose:

Egyptian Goose, Alopochen aegyptiaca:

Another Egyptian Goose:

7 thoughts on “Readers’ wildlife photos

  1. Chiming in to say how delightful this particular series is – simple premise, surprising depth.

  2. I had never even heard of a cackling goose until one of the Sunday bird posts a few months ago. They really are cute, with those stubby little bills.

  3. I thoroughly enjoyed browsing through the stunning wildlife photos shared by your readers in the recent post. It’s truly inspiring to see the beauty and diversity of nature captured through the lens of talented photographers.

    Each image tells a unique story and showcases the intricate details of various species in their natural habitats. From vibrant birds and intricate insects to majestic mammals and breathtaking landscapes, the photos provide a glimpse into the wonders of the natural world.

    Not only are these images visually captivating, but they also serve as a reminder of the importance of conservation and protecting our planet’s biodiversity. They highlight the incredible variety of life forms that inhabit our ecosystems and the need to preserve their habitats for future generations.

    I want to express my appreciation to all the photographers who shared their work. Their passion for nature photography shines through in each photograph, capturing fleeting moments and showcasing the beauty that surrounds us.

    Additionally, I would like to commend you for providing a platform for readers to share their wildlife photos. It’s a wonderful opportunity for nature enthusiasts to showcase their talent, connect with like-minded individuals, and foster a sense of community around the appreciation of the natural world.

    I look forward to future editions of readers’ wildlife photos and continue to be amazed by the incredible diversity and beauty that our planet has to offer.

    Thank you for curating and sharing these remarkable images. They serve as a powerful reminder of the awe-inspiring wonders of nature.

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