Pareidolia (guess the image)

March 31, 2023 • 3:21 pm

I did indeed have a late lunch of chiles rellenos today, and oy, were they good! This is my go-to restaurant in Hyde Park now: even the tortillas are homemade.

On my way to the restaurant, I saw this burnt spot on a telephone pole (photo below) which to me is a case of pareidolia.

I immediately thought it looked like George Harrison, but a friend I showed it to said it “looked like a turkey butt.”

What do you think?

27 thoughts on “Pareidolia (guess the image)

  1. The definition of pareidolia reminded me of something I came across that said Americans are exceptional in that they see patterns where none exist.

  2. I immediately thought it looked like George Harrison..

    My initial thought was WTAF? – then I scrolled down and saw the photo of George and have to concede that our host has a point. Uncanny!

  3. Looks like a burn mark in the wood. (Boring answer, I know.)

    By the way, at the entrance to the parking garage of building 36 (completed in about 1995) at the corporate headquarters of a well-known software company in Redmond, Washington, there is a swirl of imperfections in the concrete that for all the world looks like the Virgin Mary (more accurately, like pictures I’ve seen of same). I’ll take a picture of it at some point.

  4. Everyone is wrong. 🙂 You have to flip it over vertically. I did it in photoshop, but don’t know how to attach photos, so can’t share. But the two U-nails create eyelids and your mind does the rest. It’s a vampire of sorts to me…very scary looking and cool.

  5. I’m constantly amazed when I read Blake’s “Auguries of Innocence” at his visual acuity to “see the world in a grain of sand”.
    I’ve looked at a lot more grains of sand than the average Gravel Inspector, and I’ve never seen more than the hints of the rise and erosion of a Himalayan-scale mountain range. But to see the whole world … that Blake had some serious eyeballs.

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