An interview with Philomena!

March 8, 2023 • 1:00 pm

Reader Rich sent me this with the note, “Just in case you missed it, a new interview with Diane Morgan here. Funny, lovely lady!  I’m loving Cunk On Earth.”

It’s weird, I can never think of her as Diane Morgan, and once or twice had to look up her real name. I can, however, always conjure up Philomena.

Sadly, she has a boyfriend. I dream of waking up next to her and having her whisper sweet nothings in my ear in that Bolton accent.


7 thoughts on “An interview with Philomena!

  1. Cunk on Earth is a delight, everyone should watch it. Would love to see the outakes, how the experts kept from laughing is beyond me.

  2. I love the fact that this character was just created to provide vox pops in a Charlie Brooker series (alongside a male character called Barry Shitpeas), and now has this whole suite of programs to herself.

  3. There is another woman who has at least equal charm and maybe more talent:
    Scotswoman Eleanor Morton. Check out her drunk Scotsman in a pub giving children’s book author Kenneth Graeme (Wind in the Willows) her idea for a new book. You wont regret it. You WILL laugh.

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