Email issues. Are they resolved?

January 30, 2023 • 10:15 am

My tech expert has worked on the subscriber issue, and I’ve received notifications from several people that they are once again receiving emails notifying them of new posts on this site. It may be fixed, but I won’t know until I hear from readers. You should have received this post, and perhaps the one before that.

If you’re still shut out, let me know, either below or in an email, and I can try removing your name from the subscription list and then putting it back in. I’m not sure that will fix anything, but a reader suggested it. If you’re still getting bupkes, put your email address below or email it to me and I’ll take you off the list. You’ll then have to resubscribe. But again, I’m not sure that is a fix, so I’d wait another day before contacting me.

But if your problems have been solved, let me know below.

Thanks, and sorry for the inconvenience,
Professor Ceiling Cat (Emeritus)

41 thoughts on “Email issues. Are they resolved?

  1. I resubscribed after your previous email , and now I just received the first one from you in a few days. Thanks.

  2. Yes–received this one and the prior one. I always love the cat sitting on the fence post–he/she looks remarkably like a snowy owl.

  3. Yup, receiving you loud and clear in NZ; thought something dire had happened to you. It was a great relief to receive this post today.

  4. Thank you – my regulars posts are arriving again. Started with ……White House plan to foster equity and excellence….. and have three more after that. Appreciate the fix.

  5. Things haven’t been fixed for me. Quite a number of days since last receiving your daily post. My favorite time of day reading your writings.

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