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January 14, 2023 • 8:15 am

I wasn’t going to put up a readers’ wildlife today, as I have only about four more contributions and didn’t want to run out so soon. PLEASE send in your good wildlife photos. (I ask that they should be good, not blurred pictures of distant animals).

But today I found a two-minute video sent to me on December 15 by reader Norman Gilinsky from Washington State. Actually, it’s from a friend of Norman, but we have permission to post it.  Here’s the intro:

Here’s a wildlife video taken by my friend Thor Hansen (probably yesterday) over Padilla Bay near Anacortes in the northwest corner of Washington State. Insanely huge! These geese spend a couple of months in the agricultural fields and wetlands of Skagit County each year.

Note the V-shaped formation of many subflocks.  These are, as noted above, snow geese (Anser caerulescens). Be sure the sound is up to hear the aerial honking (and other sounds.) Can you count the geese?

More from Norman, and I do recommend reading this short piece:

Here’s a blog post I found that talks about the migration: “The amazing journal of Skagit Valley snow geese.”  Apparently the birds come from Wrangel Island, north of Siberia!

3 thoughts on “Readers’ wildlife videos

  1. My Lab/Husky/Great Dane mix thoroughly enjoyed the video. As soon as she heard it, she ran over to see what was going on. We live near reconstructed wetlands (made for duck hunting, I’m afraid) and not far from remnant wetlands of a neighboring state, so we get large flocks of Canada and Snow geese flying over the house. Always a beautiful and soothing sight (and sound). I always wish them well and tell them to steer clear of the rednecks.

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