Diane Morgan does standup

December 8, 2022 • 9:00 am

It’s a slow news day, so let’s have some comedy.

I’m not sure that I’ve ever seen Philomena doing pure standup comedy before—at least on her own—but reader Rodger sent me this five-minute bit of real-life persona, Diane Morgan, onstage. Of course I love her—especially that Bolton accent!  There’s a bit of atheism in one of her jokes, for she’s an unbeliever.

She’s not bad here, but I always like her best as Philomena Cunk. “What is clocks?”

17 thoughts on “Diane Morgan does standup

  1. holy, this is brutally great!

    “Mmm, I might get tomorrow off.”

    what is the thing she says the builders reply?

    “thas beyn” ?

        1. I put the closed-captioning on. I didn’t really need it (much anyway), but occasionally looked down if I wasn’t 100% sure on a word. 🙂

          She’s seriously funny.

  2. She has a serious RBF, reminds me of a nurse in a hospital here. I’ve not watched her before this, but now I must have more. Yes, great accent, which makes just about all under-40-somethings in the States — mostly females but the males are catching up — sound like adults trying to sound like children.

    1. I haven’t listened to any of those but I suspect I’d not find any of them funny. I’ve heard Brad Stine before and he was so bad I cringed.

      1. I listened to a few minutes of the first and second videos. The comedian in the second video begins by making fun of priests. That I found to be funny.

        I knew a Christian whose family was even more Christian than she was. I told Jesus jokes at which my friend laughed but she told me her family did not find them funny, not at all. Then she criticized her family for taking religion too seriously. One day, I ridiculed Mormonism and she enjoyed the humour. But when I switched to ridiculing the Christ story, she did not find it to be at all funny, quite the opposite. She didn’t immediately see the irony. I pointed it out to her, of course. I think the traditional Christian story is ridiculously funny. I also enjoyed Toby’s welcoming of atheists to hell 🙂

        Among other things to which people are emotionally attached, politics is similar. Humour has a partisan element.

  3. I’m so used to Philomena and Morgan’s character from After Life that I didn’t anticipate she’d turn out to be the first person who struck me as sounding relatively similar to Marina Sirtis offscreen.

  4. I share her Bolton accent, im not as funny though. Its moderated though as is mine. When I left home for university many years ago I softend my vowels just to be understood. I can thicken it up on demand though when visting family as I suspect Diane can.

  5. It is hard to imagine anything LESS important to STEM – or any intellectual enterprise, than what’s going on in your underwear and whom you wish to bang. Just irrelevant.

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