X-rays of pregnant animals

August 28, 2022 • 2:30 pm

I was busy most of the day today, and it took forever to write this morning’s post, and a long time to tweak it so the English was acceptable. (Thanks to those who corrected me!)

So, for your delectation, here are some X-rays of six pregnant animals and one fetus.  I’ll let you guess what the animals are, and you can see the solutions here. Photo credits are not given at the site.  If you want to put your answers in the comments, go ahead, but look at all the photos before you look at the comments.








14 thoughts on “X-rays of pregnant animals

  1. Those are amazing. I am willing to guess that the turtle is Trachemys, probably Our old friend/invasive species, the red-eared slider.

    Is #6 possibly a rabbit? #2 maybe a cat? #4 a snake of some sort.

  2. So cool! Is it any wonder that Darwin embraced embryology as being so important as evidence for evolution? Non-evolutionists struggled to explain why so many creatures look so alike as embryos but, for Darwin, embryology fell right into place. Genius.

  3. Have you ever seen a *CT* scan of a human fetus? There’s a reason parents to be don’t take them: all teeth/fangs and evil googly eyes – very demonic and quite hilarious. “What a cute little …. oh oh.”

  4. I can guess #3 is maybe a dolphin, 4 a snake, but a snake that is viviparous, 5 a toytle.
    The others, haven’t a clue. I read the caption on the Lemur as well, so that wasn’t fair; I would have guessed some sort of a primate, but not a lemur. The last one, with it’s longish neck and legs, I’d guess some fast running mammal like a horse or zebra or gazelle? But it looks to have sharp back teeth. These are either pretty easy, or very difficult.

  5. Something about these pictures makes me irrationally uncomfortable – like a bundle of parasites growing inside you!

  6. 1) Gibbon-like monkey, based on human-like baby skull and slender build of the mother
    2) Maybe a cat-like animal? It has a curved spine, and looks like a sprinter
    3) Sea-horse? The image has a high contrast. I guess this animal was taken out of an egg.
    4) Snake
    5) Turtle or tortoise, I cannot say which
    6) Mammal that eats plants, based on the mouths of the babies
    7) Maybe a dog-like animal. I am confused by baby skulls that remind me of dinosaurs.

    If you like animal skeletons, I can recommend Panafieu’s Evolution

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