The bears are eating well today

August 10, 2022 • 1:15 pm

Here’s the live bear cam at Brooks Falls, Alaska. I have to tear myself away from watching it. We have a slew of bears (yes, I know that’s not the right name for a group) standing in a stream to gobble spawning salmon as they try to get over a waterfall. Fall and winter are coming, and the bears need to fatten up. (Fat Bear Contest coming.)

The cam is live, and the bears are dining like kings today! I just watched a salmon leap right into the gaping maw of one.

8 thoughts on “The bears are eating well today

  1. Thank you for posting this. I needed it.

    (Trying to figure out a plan for the cat on my porch- pretty feral, abandoned by former neighbor, needs health care. Came over and sat less than 1m from me, curled up, and went to sleep, which isn’t a good health sign in a feral)

  2. I’m reminded of the spoof motivational poster which features a bear catching a salmon as it leaps out of the water. The caption is “The journey of a thousand miles sometimes ends very, very badly.”

    1. Same here. It’s a marvellous feeling of elation when 3 bears on the lip and a couple in the jacuzzi all catch fish in quick succession. It’s soothing at my bedtime too.

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