Friday duck update: The Quack Pack

July 1, 2022 • 1:45 pm

Here’s just one picture this Friday to show you how Audrey’s brood of thugs is developing (yes, they chase other ducks out of the pond, just like Mom). They now have nearly all their feathers, are growing wings and flapping them, and are five weeks and three days old. In another two weeks they should be flying.

All 12 and mom: look how they’ve grown! Audrey is at upper left with the big speculum.

3 thoughts on “Friday duck update: The Quack Pack

  1. I am losing hope for my country; pride in being American. But the ducks give me a moment of peace; and the realization that the world will go on, even without me. I can feel rest while turmoil continues to boil. Thank you.

  2. Glad the Audrey & Co will be moving on. Duck season for Botany Pond must surely be almost over? I hear the head Duck Wrangler/Protector could use a break.

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