Moar ducks

May 26, 2022 • 12:15 pm

It’s the crucial first week of swimming for the ducklings, so I’m spending extra time by the pond ensuring that they’re fed and that no other ducks attack the brood.  So far all is well: we still have twelve, Audrey (we’ve ascertained that she’s the mom) is being a splendid mom, herding and protecting her babies, and her significant other Faber (so called because of his pencil neck) is chasing away curious drakes.

Mom and babies are eating well, and everything is harmonious. Of course that makes me nervous! But I won’t slosh my anxiety on you; just have a look at these beautiful ducklings. Click the photos to enlarge

The gang (minus one wanderer out of the frame–there’s always one). Some baby duck food and mealworms are on the water.


Is there any baby bird cuter than a mallard duckling?

Sometime Audrey takes a break, but her babies are always nearby. If they wander too far away, she gets into the water and herds them together:

7 thoughts on “Moar ducks

  1. Ah, simply delightful

    [ I need punctuation that is not ! or . .. and no emoji smile … just an “ahhh” sort of mindful nothing …. ]

  2. Great news from Botany Pond. I look forward to watching the ducklings thrive in the weeks ahead under your care Jerry. Keep up the good work.

  3. Adorable stuff. Those fuzzy rascals make me smile. Here’s hoping things go well on the pond!

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